Complete Online United States Genealogy Records Lookup - Certified Fast Results

Question: What kind of information will I be able to access using this service?
Answer: Practically anything from a wide range of record types, except for very sensitive personal information.

Question: Where do you get your data from?
Answer: For years the website has been gathering databases,data sources and signing contracts with 3rd party data providers. The data comes from thousands of providers and proprietary sources (over 55,000 public records databases) .

Question: Is there a limit to the amount of searches i can perform?
Answer: There is no limit to the amount of searches you can perform on the databases in order to conduct your investigations. The service will not bill you on a per search basis (unlike most public records services you will find online that bill per search query). You pay only once for your membership fee, the searches are unlimited and free.

Important note: You must log into the members area as a paid registered member to begin your records search on the public records databases. The search results displayed on this web page are for demonstrative purposes only and will not show actual real-time results.In order to produce actual results you must be logged into the members area and run your search query there.
The public record databases in the members area are generally geared towards USA records.
While most record types offer nationwide coverage some record types will not be available to all states and in these cases you may not find the records you are seeking for the specific states.
The data provided to members may not be used for employment decisions, unlawful acts, stalking, harassing or embarrassing others,usage of the data for any one of these purposes is strictly forbidden and against the law. For more details, please review our Terms and Conditions.
Most of the public records in the members area come from paid record providers,websites and other proprietary sources. is a privately run commercial website. The website is NOT affiliated to the united states government, state agencies, government agencies, law-enforcement agencies or any other official governmental related agency.The use of the trademark "govdmvregistry" and/or other symbols simply mean publicly available American records and resources

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